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Vice-President At-Large-Edna I. Holloway (IL)
1st Vice-President-Rev. Thelma F. Dixon​​ (NY)
2nd Vice-President-Valeria Coleman​​
Recording Secretary -Charlotte E. Waterford​​
Asst. Recording Secretary-Mary Alice Graham​
Corresponding Secretary-Rev. Melissa Paige​​
Financial Secretary-Jeanor P. Taylor​​​
Treasurer-Lorraine Stockton-Pearson​​ (MS)
Historian-Dr. Audrey P. Neal​​​
Parliamentarian-Nadine Nunn, Esq.​​


Progressive National Baptist Women, shall be responsible for working with, inspiring and challenging the Women of Progressive National Baptist Convention to support fully the objectives of the Convention. The Women may establish such organizational structure and develop such programs as may be necessary, under the rules and regulations of the Convention, to harmoniously promote the objectives of the Convention.




Dear PNBC Family,

It's Time to Say Thank You to our PNBC Women!

March is designated as Women's History Month and  we know women are important every day!

As President of PNBC, I wanted to provide an opportunity to highlight a few women who have made an impact on PNBC and beyond. This can be the start of something big!

Please see this as an invitation to submit  names of PNBC women  who are  distinguishing  themselves nationally and within  our region and states for future publications. This is just a beginning of a way forward for PNBC to celebrate women who so often are in the background, but without whom much of what we do would be less successful.

Now as point of personal privilege, allow me to start this moment in Women’s History Month by highlighting the love of my life.

It’s Time to Say Thank You to Mrs. Margaret M. Peoples!First Lady Margaret Peoples, wife of PNBC President David Peoples

Margaret M. Peoples has been married to the President of the Progressive National Baptist Convention,  Rev. David R. Peoples for 24 years! She serves graciously as the First Lady of  Jabez  Missionary Baptist Church of Lexington, KY.Mrs. Peoples is a “people person!” She says her desire is to “pour out what God has to offer to everyone as she serves as a living example of what it means to be free in Christ.”

She is passionate about the love of Christ and she lets her light shine. PNBC will be  richly blessed by her commitment to God, her family and to kingdom building work of the PNBC.


Spotlight on PNBC Women

PNBC is proud to spotlight several incredible women who have served this organization for decades. Please read more about them and help us celebrate them and their contributions.

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Regional Women









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