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Congressman John Lewis on Capitol Hill

Social Justice in Action

The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (H.R. 4 / S 4) is proposed federal legislation that ensures any changes to local or state elections are federally reviewed — a process known as preclearance, which was part of the original Voting Rights Act of 1965. This Act has been proposed to ensure social justice will prevail as it pertains to voting rights for all Americans.

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Save the Date for the Annual Convention

All roads lead back to New Orleans for the Annual Convention. August 4-8, 2024.




Save the Date! August 4-8 in New Orleans

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Humanitarian Support

In no area is the stewardship of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc., more radiant than in the struggle for civil rights and human rights.

Disaster Preparedness

Hurricane IAN has been elevated to a category 4 storm. It has lashed Florida, including the Florida
Coast and inland areas. IAN has also hit Georgia and just made landfall in South Carolina.

Congress of Christian Education

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PNBC and Your Family

Singles In Ministry

S.E.E.DS Singles Equipping, Encouraging, Disciplining and Supporting 4 Christ is to be an outreach arm of PNBC Inc.


All PNBC youth between the ages of 5 and 18 are encouraged and welcome to participate in the PNBC Youth Department.

Couples in Ministry

We are calling forth all Clergy Couples, Ministry Mates, Pastors & Spouses, Associate Ministers, and Spouses for a time empowerment!

Presidential Initiatives

PNBC History

2000s History

The Progressive National Baptist Convention continues to grow during the fifth decade of its existence.


The Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. (PNBC) started as a movement which reflected the religious, social and political climate of its time. Its mission was to transform the traditional African American Baptist Convention as well as society. The formation of the convention was wrapped up in the Civil Rights movement and was begun by some of the same persons who were deeply involved in the freedom movement for African Americans in the United States. The need for a convention which would embrace tenure of office and leadership was a shared need among a cross section of Baptists.

1960s History

In a response to a letter sent out by the Rev. L. Venchael Booth, 33 delegates from 14 states met on November 14-15, 1961, at his church, the Zion Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rev. J. Raymond Henderson, pastor of Second Baptist Church of Los Angeles, California, presided over the meeting. As a result of this two-day intensive organizational meeting, the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. was formed.

1970s History

The Progressive National Baptist Convention continues to grow during the second decade of its existence.

1980s History

The Progressive National Baptist Convention continues to grow during the third decade in existence.

1990s History

The Progressive National Baptist Convention continues to grow during the fourth decade in existence.

Presidents' Timeline