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Singles In Ministry


Chairperson–Dr. Yashika Tippett

S.E.E.DS Singles Equipping, Encouraging, Disciplining and Supporting 4 Christ is to be an outreach arm of PNBC Inc. that meets the needs of single adults of many ages and backgrounds. Our ultimate goal is to see singles nurtured in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be incorporated in the full life of the Convention and their individual church congregation.


The Singles Ministry of PNBC Inc. titled Living Single 4 Christ will be dedicated to bringing honor and glory to God by reaching out to singles within our Convention from ages 20 to seasoned. We will cater to those who are never married, divorced, widowed, and/or those who do not desire to be married.


The purpose of this ministry is:
 To provide settings in which mutual support systems and relationships can
be built;
 To offer opportunities for personal growth toward wholeness;
 To offer opportunities for personal growth toward wellness and;
 To encourage spiritual development.


Our mission will be to: *Minister to the needs of singles; *Provide Christian
fellowship; *Proclaim the Gospel; and *Teach God’s Word. The singles Ministry operates within the context of the Convention as a whole and will nurture all members to develop an identity as an integral part within (not separate from) the entire faith community.

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