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1980s History

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Thompson and Rep Al Green

As a result of this involvement from members of the Civil Rights Movement, the centerpiece of the PNBC witness became one of social justice and human liberation as a mandate of the Gospel. In essence, the PNBC became a living African American Christian organism, vibrant with energy and committed to the social gospel for the transformation of U.S. society. From its very beginning, distinctive characteristics emerged that separated it from other African American Baptist Conventions: 1) Tenure in office, 2) a unified giving program and 3) kingdom priorities. The PNBC has grown from 33 members at its founding meeting to over 2.5 million members, (1.5 million in the United States and over one million around the globe). The PNBC is now organized into five regions. The regions include the Southern Region, the Southwest Region, the Eastern Region, the Midwest Region and the International Region. These regions meet once a year to carry out the programs of the Progressive National Baptist Convention.


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