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Vice-President at Large, Rev. Albert Blandin (SC)
1st Vice-President, Rev. Jefferey Williams (SC)
Secretary, Rev. Tevin Smith (SC)

To Live out God’s Purpose for our Lives.

The Moderators Department exists to help strengthen the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. by equipping pastors to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way to reach and influence the world in order to magnify God’s name.

Goals and Objectives
To provide information and resources that will strengthen, enlighten and encourage pastors in their work;

To provide pastors the opportunity to preach during the Moderators department sessions or during Late Night Preaching Services at the Progressive National Baptist Convention’s Annual Session;

To assist the President of the Convention execute his vision for the organization;

To financially support the work of the Convention;

To develop programs under the rules and regulations of the Convention to harmoniously promote the objectives of the Convention.

Please Join Us
By joining the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. Moderators’ Department, you will experience the unexpected amenities of gifts and blessings through:

  • Opportunities to engage in services for those in need;
  • Build close relationships with people who understand you based on similar experiences;
  • Exceptional training and;
  • Leadership Opportunities


A commitment fee of $50.00 is required to join the Moderators Department. This fee is used for the administrative work of the Department.

Membership in the Moderators Department is open to all preachers, current moderators and past moderators.

Moderators' Department



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