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Board of Christian Education and Publications

Dr. T. De Witt Smith, Jr., Chairman (GA)
Dr. Cleopatrick Lacy (GA)
Sis. Portia Lacy (GA)

Dr. Robert Jemerson (TX)
Sis. Jacquie Jemison (OK)
Sis. Iris McCray (CA)
Sis. Sharon M. Stewart (BA)
Dr. Paris Lee Smith (DC)
Sis. Joyce Henderson (IN)
Rev. Stanley A. Smith (GA)
Dr. Preston Winfrey (IL)
Dr. Gloria Winfrey (IL)
Dr. Christine Smith (OH)
Rev. Andrew Hunt (IL)
Dr. Cedrick Von Jackson (GA)
Dr. Ivan F. Butler (BA)
Dr. Erral Wayne Evans (MO)
Dr. Christy Moore (TN)
Sis. Karen Dames (BA)
Dr. Marvin McMickle (OH)
Rev. Michael Clayton Harris (PA)
Dr. Uldrick A. (U. A) Thompson (SC)

The Board of Christian Education and Publications shall set policy, and devise plans and outlines for the total program of education for the Convention, its Agencies and Auxiliaries, and in addition be responsible for preparing, printing, publishing, and distributing literature, educational materials, books, and pamphlets.

Board of Evangelism

Chairman-Rev. Marty L Henderson (IN)
Vice-Chairman-Rev. Terry D. Streeter (DC)
Secretary-Rev. Debra Calloway Davis (IL)

The Board of Evangelism shall be responsible for supervision and operation of the Convention’s Evangelism Program and convention-wide emphasis and programs on Evangelism.

Board of Trustees

Reverend Priscilla Loney (SC)
Sister Jackie Turman (AL)
Dr. Larry Foster (OK)
Deacon Rozalynn Johnson-Spearman (CA)
Ms. Deborah Boatner (MI)
Rev. Akin Royall (NY)



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