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Unrest In Ferguson

President Perkins Addresses The Unrest in Furguson.

TO ALL PNBC CONSTITUENTS: as part of my pledge to lift our voice on behalf of the voiceless, this bulletin is sent to inform you of how we are involved in speaking to the situation in Ferguson, MO as a result of the police murder of Michael Brown on Saturday, August 9, 2014.

Attached you will see a letter signed jointly by African-American denominational leaders. The conference call that pulled us together and the letter were initiated and crafted by the African-American Clergy Network led by PNBC icon Dr. Otis Moss, Jr. and former president, Dr. T. DeWitt Smith, Jr. This letter was delivered to Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D) representing the 5th District of Missouri which includes Ferguson, MO. This letter is intended to demonstrate to him and the people of Ferguson and the entire district that they have the collective support of the African-American faith community.

You will note that we are asked to contribute to the funeral expenses for Mr. Brown. If you want to make a contribution towards this effort, please forward your gift to PNBC Headquarters right away with MICHAEL BROWN written on the left hand corner of your check.

I have been in communication with PNBC pastors in the area and urged them to support Reverend Sharpton's rally for unity on Sunday, August 17th.

Also, I have been in touch with the Progressive State Convention of New York through President Marcus Ware to urge them to participate in the march on Staten Island, NY at 12 noon to commemorate the life of Eric Gardner and to protest police brutality. Mr. Gardner as you know was also a victim of police murder.

The larger social justice issues in both these unfortunate incidents are police brutality and disrespect for the lives of Black people. We will continue to address these issues as an ongoing part of our social justice message.