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PNBC Northwest Rains & Floods

As we continue to live in these unprecedented times, it is clear that the discipline of prayer is absolutely necessary. Many of you know that the remnants of Hurricane Ida, continues to cause devastation. The northeast is the latest affected by storm rains and flooding.

Tennessee Flood Relief – A Call To Action

Flooded House Caused by Heavy Rain

Devastation has hit again, and this time on the home front. This past weekend a ‘Tidal Wave’ of floodwaters overtook Tennesseans in just minutes.  To date, 22 people are known to have died as a result, and many others remain missing.  Therefore PNBC, we are called to ACTION, and we must act now.

Haiti Relief – A Message to PNBC

Again, we are called to ACTION.  As you may know, the nation of Haiti finds itself in trying times.  Political unrest has now been made worse by the recent earthquake, followed by Hurricane Grace.  As of now, over 1,400 precious brother and sisters have died as a result of this disaster.